In Sam Plast we specialize in the manufacture of all kinds of bags. We have more than 30 years of experience in this activity. Since the foundation of the company, proximity, seriousness, service and competitiveness have been our bases. The company has always maintained its family character thus facilitating the deal with customers.


Among our range of products there are t-shirt handbags, market bags, sheets, waste bags and other products made of high and low density polyethylene.

With the desire to respond to the needs of our customers, and adapting to new times, we are more than just manufacturers of polyethylene products. For this reason we have applied the latest technologies in the sector to offer the most innovative, practical and also ecological products of the market. Our catalog has included degradable, compostable, raffia, and paper bags, among others. This fact also makes us a company totally respectful of the environment.

All these factors allow us to work and respond quickly to companies of a wide variety of sectors such as trade, food, industry and construction, among others.

The factory and the offices of our company are located in the industrial estate La Borda de Caldes de Montbui, in the Vallès Oriental, very close to Barcelona.

Environment respect


In Sam Plast, we take care of the environment and look after it for its conservation. For this reason, the incorporation of the latest technologies for the manufacture of polyethylene bags have made our production process the maximum respectful of nature. In addition, the polyethylene bags that we manufacture are a totally recyclable product. For this reason it is very important that once they reach the end of their useful life they are deposited in the corresponding container.