Market Bags

The market bags are specially designed to be used as the first container of all kinds of products. They are square or rectangular and do not have handles. These bags are translucent so they can see what’s in it. In addition it is a type of bags that are suitable for food uses but also to package other types of products. The market bags are made of polyethylene and can be high or low density, depending on their use. In addition, these bags can be smooth or printed.

At Sam Plast we are manufacturers of blocks without block and block. These latest bags are joined by a strip on top and which are pre-filled. The block can be drilled and in this way you can hang all the bags in a dispenser that can be taken individually and very easily. For your convenience, the block bags are the most used in self-service food stores for which they are very practical.

Market bags are a practical and economical solution and are also respectful of the environment since when they are used they are easily recyclable.