Vacuum packing bags

Sam Plast vacuum packing bags are suitable for use on domestic-type packaging machines, so they are suitable for individuals, food shops and the catering sector that use this type of food. machines There are available various vacuum packing bags and all have a density of 90 microns and are totally transparent. In this way, vacuum packing bags have a high resistance that allows them to withstand the pressure they are subjected to when extracting all the air inside them and sealing them because never enter air again. This high density also allows them full protection of the products in their interior. Also thanks to its thickness, Sam Plast vacuum packing bags are prepared to withstand extreme temperatures in order to conserve cold foods – in the freezer or in the refrigerator – and even to cook them.

Its transparency also allows you to see with ease that it is stored inside.

These are bags that are environmentally friendly and once used, these bags can be recycled.